300-1101 Sun SPARCstation ZX, 70 Watt Power Supply

300-1101 Sun SPARCstation ZX, 70 Watt Power Supply


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300-1101 This Sun 70 Watt Power Supply has been pulled from a working System. The 300-1101 is in stock and can ship today. We guarantee this part to be compatible with your system.

Features: Refurbished Sun Original Part

Dimensions: Product Dimension: Length 9" x Width 3 6/16" x Height 2 6/16"

Product Specs: 70 Watt Manufactured by Fuji for Sun Microsystems, Part# PEX643-30


  • Product Weight: 2lb
  • Shipping Weight: 3lb
  • Includes: Only one power supply included.

    Substitute with: 300-1101, PEX643-30

    Compatibility: Sun SPARCstation LX, Sun SPARCclassic, Sun SPARCclassix X, Sun SPARCstation ZX

    Warranty: 90 Days for exchange or 14 days return for full credit minus shipping cost with original package unopen.


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